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Radio spot (English)

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  • To create a sound image by mixing different audio tracks.
  • To work with speak, music and sound effects.
  • To create a radiospot focusing on a specific topic.
  • To use the sound editing program Audacity.

Det skal du bruge:

TIP: The theme "The Right to Learn" focuses on children's rights in the context of the 25th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 2014.

Mix speak, music and sound effects, and use it to inform about other cases, fx news from a student club, a sports club or something else.

Trin for trin

How to make a radio spot

In this activity you create a radio spot based on one of the children's rights you get from the generator. Plan the spot, record your speak, find music and sound effects, and finally mix it all together creating a full sound image.


Preproduction 30 min.

  • Draw one of the rights from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in the generator:

The right to express opinions
The right to information
Protection from abuse
The right to education
Protection from child labour
  • Picture what your lives would be like without this right. Fx what if you could not get any help if you were beaten at home (Protection from abuse)? Or what if you did not have access to the Internet and could not use Facebook (The right to information and The right to express opinions)?
  • Fill out the radio spot board.
  • The final production must be 45 seconds max., because this is how it works in real life. Try out your radiospot board - read the text aloud and immitate the sound effects with your mouth - while taking time:

editing program 15 min.

Create your radiospot in a sound editing program, that can work with several tracks at the same time. If you already have one installed, you can choose to use that. If not, we recommend Audacity, which is free.

  • Download Audacity.

TIP: If you wanna save your production as mp3-file, you must download LAME for Windows or Mac.

  • See this guide to Audacity (click the images to see them in a bigger format):

Sound recording 1 hour

  • Record your speak/voice over - either directly into the program via headset with microphone or built-in mic in the computer, or record the sound on a digital recorder/cellphone and transfer the sound to your computer.
  • Find a piece of music, that fits the mood as ambience for the spot. Use the tool Music and Sound. Download the music and save the file on the computer.
  • Download 2-3 effect sounds and save the files on the computer in same folder as above. Use the tool Music and Sound.
  • Import the music and sounds to Audacity.

Editing 45 min.

  • Edit your sound files in the desired lengths.
  • Place your speak, sound effects and ambience music, so they match the time line from the radio spot board.
  • Adjust the sound levels to create a suitable sound image.

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  • Save as an mp3-file on the computer.